What does a physio do when the ball hits the batsman head?



What does a physio do when the ball hits the batsman head?


 Cricket goal ball game. A game that can turn a ball into a match. Cricketers do not usually see cricketers hitting the ball on the head. However, many impossible things happen in cricket.

 In some cases, the ball hit the head of one of the batsmen. In cricket, it is not uncommon for a batsman to hit the ball on the head. It is often seen that the ball is placed on the batsman. The batsman is interrupted in various ways while playing the ball of a bowler.

 And a lot of batsmen are lbw out. However, the disaster occurs only when the ball hits the head instead of the feet. Batsmen's village is usually not seen to keep the ball. However, the legs of the batsman are constantly changing. The batsman uses pads on his feet to avoid hitting the ball. Batsmen even use helmets on their heads to protect their heads. 

However, many times the batsman has a lot of problems inside the helmet. A lot of times the bowler's ball gets stuck in the batsman's head. The ball pierced the helmet and hit the batsman on the head. Batsmen are often in danger. In cricket, In the field Fizio usually comes after the ball hits the batsman's head. And asked a variety of questions. 

The questions are also very ridiculous. You must laugh when you hear this question. But there is nothing to laugh about because it is not normal for a batsman to hit the ball on the head. Many cricketers have died in it. Let's see the questions that Fiji has on the field after the ball hit the batsman's head.

What does a physio do when the ball hits the batsman head👇

1. Which field are we in now?
2. What are you eating now rice-water or juice?
3. Look at the scoreboard, what do you see?
4. What's your name?
5. Is your head hurting?
6. Can you see everything well?
7. Where are we playing now in which city?
👉 Mohammad Ashraful record, Mohammad Ashraful is the best batsman of Bangladesh👈

These questions may sound strange and ridiculous. But that is the truth. In cricket, the batsman returns to the field after the ball hits his head and asks these bizarre questions. We all know that in cricket, batsmen leave the field a lot of times after the ball hits the batsman's head. 

Many batsmen have died after the ball hit their heads. Piercing the helmet makes the batsman's head feel better a lot of the time. Test cricket batsmen seem to have more balls on their heads than any other format of cricket. Because batsmen get a chance to play Test cricket for a long time. And this is the danger to the bowlers. 

Polara could not take the wickets of the batsmen, trying to pick up extra bounce. And when playing extra bounce ball, the ball is usually seen on the batsman's head. However, the questions must be commented below. If the post is a little better, please like below. Your comments help us make the next post. For Facebook 👈

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